When you feel low, I’ll take you high.
— mizChartreuse, the AstroFLOTUS

decolonize your mind with the astroflotus

Astrology tells the story of YOU. No longer must we lament, "why r u like dis?" to ourselves and others. Check the planets, boi. The answer is right there; you just need the proper interpreter to polish your mirror.

Here I Am!


Meet your astroflotus


In true Gemini fashion I have many names: you can call me Char, Chartreuse, Charlotte, ChiChi, the First Lady of Astrology, or simply the AstroFLOTUS. I'm an author, entrepreneur, mother, and thought leader dedicated to transforming core wounds into badges of honor. 

I’m a Zambian femme of Tumbuka & Bemba heritage, and I am a royal descendant of the line of Shaka the Zulu King of Southern Africa (hello, Leo Rising monarch). 

My great uncle is the late Lt. Gen. Christon Tembo, an army commander and Minister of Foreign Affairs who also served as the Vice President of the Republic of Zambia. His sister, my maternal grandmother, Dorothy Tembo, was also a career politician and a member of the Zambian Parliament. The spirit of thought leadership is literally in my bloodline, and I can feel it in my Capricorn Moon. 

 The Shadow Integration Workshop at B'Gabs Goodies in Chicago

The Shadow Integration Workshop at B'Gabs Goodies in Chicago

I’m the author of The Yoni Egg Shadow Integration Workbook, your 28-day Astrological Guide through the Womb Wellness Journey. 

In addition to teaching workshops and providing astrological consultations, my work has been published in several places around the web. I was a founding partner of Sharpe Astrology, an expert contributor at Numerologist, and I am the AstroStyle Crystal Horoscopes columnist for the AstroTwins.

Free Yo Mind and the Rest Will Follow

I love astrology because it is a universal language that transcends space and time... while literally using those two concepts.

In a world full of division, political correctness, social justice warrior ADD, and holographic illusions, it's time to get a grip, integrate our trauma, and get on with the show. The stars don't discriminate--everyone's got their bag. 

Astrology is a critical tool for personal development. For every challenge, we can find the point of release and decode what your mission is for this lifetime.

Whether you're a well-versed astrogeek or a beginner who simply knows their zodiac sign, I am here to help you use the astrological framework to get to the bottom of whatever it is you need to know about yourself. 

Now is the time to decolonize the mind, and as your AstroFLOTUS, I am here for your sovereignty, freedom, and expansion. 

When life takes us low, we can still go high: the answers are written in the stars.