Natal Chart Report

Natal Chart Report

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Natal CHARTreuse Reading


Your natal chart has an overarching theme that is reflected throughout your life. All of our charts are saying the same thing in several different ways so we can really GET it.

mizChartreuse will explain the astrological archetypes & themes as they pertain to the story of your life. She analyzes your chart as a whole, looking at your destiny, expression, strengths & challenges. This reading is perfect for beginners so you can start to understand the science and the language of astrology, and beneficial for more seasoned students of the cosmos so we can take a deeper look at your life's journey.


Video recordings will be delivered via email with a private link. For live Skype/Google Hangouts/Zoom or in-person sessions, the AstroFLOTUS will contact you within 2 business days to schedule a meeting.


Due to demand, please allow 7 to 11 business days for delivery of your private Natal Chart Video Report. 

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