The Return of Saturn

The Return of Saturn

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The Saturn Return refers to the period of time approximately between ages 28-31 when Saturn returns to and travels through the sign it was in when you were born.


The Saturn Return is quite possible the most impactful and poignant time in one's life, since it only occurs once every 29 years. Saturn is the "greater malefic" planet and has a rap for being the taskmaster, timekeeper, and lord of Karma.

In truth, it's what gives us the fortitude and solidity to leave our youth behind. 


People think 30 is when life should all be figured out, but anything that happens before 30 is only setting the foundation for life. After that threshold, then you start actually building your life in a clearer way.

Saturn’s placement in your chart represents where you feel restricted, confined, or thwarted - by circumstances that seem beyond your control and simply just happen.


We do not earn free will except through self-discovery.


We do not attempt self-discovery until the pain is so great that we have no other choice.


The answer is not simply, “be patient, grin and bear it, keep your nose to the grindstone and stay positive.”


The key is to ask, “WHY?” 


With every delay, disappointment, or fear, we can use these as a means to explore the psyche that much deeper.


So many factors play in to how you will experience the Saturn Return, including whether you have a daytime chart or a nighttime chart, Saturn's house and sign position, and its aspects and weight in your chart. 

As an astrologer, I of course knew intellectually what the Saturn Return was, but nothing could prepare me for the actual journey. Let's just say it was beyond. If you're going to have someone read your chart from a Saturn Return perspective, then work with someone who has been through it. 

I'm Saturn dominant in my own chart, so I am too intimate with all of this. It can be very heavy, but always in your best interests.


When you feel low, let me take you high with an overarching understanding and integration of your Saturn function with this Return of Saturn chart reading.

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