AstroStyle Crystal Horoscopes: Sagittarius

My AstroStyle Crystal Horoscopes Column features my chosen gemstones for the season, their healing and metaphysical properties, cleansing and programming techniques, as well as empowering meditations, intentions, and affirmations.


Healing Crystals for Sagittarius Season (November 21-December 21)

Pyrite and Lapis Lazuli are the two crystals I recommend for Sagittarius season, for those with strong Sagittarius or Jupiter influence in their natal charts, and for those who want to tap into Sagittarian energy any time of year.

Both of these crystals are of the cubic molecular structure. As the shape suggests, cubic crystals provide structure and organization while promoting creativity and clarity. They also both are of the tertiary, or metamorphic mineral formation, which is my favorite process—transformation under extreme pressure.

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