The Gemini (Relationship) Workout Plan: Disciple + Discipline + Discernment with Colin Bedell of Queer Cosmos

In this newest episode of AstroFLOTUS TV, mizChartreuse the AstroFLOTUS is joined by her POTUS and Gemini Sun / Capricorn Moon / Leo Rising astrotwin, Colin Bedell of Queer Cosmos. 

Together, your Mirrors of Mercurial Miracles present The Gemini Relationship Workout Plan for Cultivating Conscious Connections: Disciple + Discipline + Discernment.

Cozy up for this episode of AstroFLOTUS TV! Grab some tea and a notebook as the POTUS and FLOTUS discuss:

-The danger of the overcasualization of relationship 

-Women being more OPEN and men being emotionally inaccessible and DISTANT--Women: reel it in. Men: break it down.

-Why the most important relationship work is done while ALONE

-The Anatomy of Trust from Brene Brown's teachings

-Why not to commit to anything binding before 8 months

-Why the "anything goes" routine sets yourself up for disaster

-Why you must build psychological, emotional and mental intimacy prior to physical intimacy 

-Why intense HEIGHTS = intense CRASH

-The folly of HOTWIRED intimacy

-The danger of thinking you have ANYONE 100% figured out

-Awareness of dogmatic rules in dating and people who "need" certainty

-How to appreciate when someone approaches you slowly and methodically

-A mini workshop on HOW to enact boundaries in real-time

-The mistake of cosigning DELUSION and validating trash emotions

-The art of Curious Communication: how to HANDLE your emotional hijacking in real time

-Why boundaries are consistent work that protect you - you build it over TIME

-The Feminine vs Masculine response to intense LOVE experiences 

-Why friendship is the HIGHEST form of love
-Beware the lover who strives to ISOLATE you from friends

-No Mo' Precious Problems: we don't have time to coddle our insecurities


The Gemini Workout Plan:
1 Become a Disciple
2 Get Disciplined
3 Start Discerning


Thank you for tuning in!

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