Scorpio Season Crystal OracleScopes

Scorpio Season Crystal OracleScopes


by mizChartreuse - the AstroFLOTUS


  photo by Aperture Ashley

photo by Aperture Ashley

Scorpio season. Ain't it something else?

If you're playing your cards right and honoring the seasonal shift, you should be feeling right now that you can't fake the funk. The curtain has been pulled back and we are all seeing ourselves and each other for what we truly are.

You can go a few ways with the energy of this time:

1. You could become upset and appalled that whatever is happening is happening. Or

2. You could take a look around and realize, wow, my belief about this thing has been shrouded in delusion.

Whether it is a politician doing exactly what he said he would do, a bigot speaking aloud exactly what we already know they say behind closed doors, or a partner who continually shows you who they are...we have to believe that what we are seeing is what is on offer, and make our own adjustments accordingly.

Perhaps we stop putting our hope and trust in an entity that was never designed to actually be supportive, and shift our focus to what WE can do to show up and out in our direct communities and spheres of influence.

Perhaps we stop being so appalled that there are people with racist beliefs, stop begging people to love us, and continue to handle and call out problematic behavior when we see it. Also, remember that bigotry often stems from a subconscious inferiority complex: they hate you cuz they ain't you.

Perhaps we begin to act like we actually love ourselves, and stop praying for a partner to speak our love language if they are unwilling or incapable. When someone shows you who they are, believe them.

Why look for a single unifying leader when there are scores of activists, thought leaders and organizations in every city doing great work for their chosen focus? As a collective, we are too diverse and complex to really find ONE representative that could actually speak for ALL.

Think globally; act locally. Pick your cause, find out who's making moves in that arena, link up with them, or champion your own movement and create your own platform. Limitation is a purely mental phenomenon.


Burn Your Life Down

There's no good reason to act like we don't know our own sovereignty, magic, value, and power. Scorpio energy's got a knife to our collective throat saying, "If not now, WHEN blish?"

It is commonly known that Scorpio takes us to the depths of the underworld, and that Scorpio being Fixed Water is akin to that of a basic-looking iceberg which actually goes miles deep and can sink the "unsinkable." Ahem, Titanic.

We've all been stung by some dark Scorpion behavior. We all know that natives born this season when the veil is so thin have a particularly intense way of showing up in this world. I mean, I legit had to DIE to give birth to my daughter who has 5 Scorpio placements including a 1st House ♏️ Sun, Rising and North Node.

But let us look at this beautifully designed Scorpio glyph from Queer Cosmos and see how after a few dips down, that pointy stinger arrow tail aims high and can have us rising like a Phoenix and soaring like an Eagle.

But to get there, we must destroy everything that is illusion, burn our lives down, and rebuild in real truth in order to reach the heights.



For this month's Crystal OracleScopes, I drew a card for each sign to add context and actionable strategy for each horoscopic reading. You can find many of the crystals in the AstroFLOTUS Zodiac Boutique.


Scorpio Season Crystal OracleScopes


Bloodstone -  perseverance


Liberation is nigh, dear Ram; you just have to shake off any dead weight that does not belong to you. You are on the brink of gaining true insight and freedom from the past. Bloodstone historically has been used to maintain vitality, regulate the female moon cycle, and staunch blood loss. Where have you been energetically bleeding out?

Have the courage to truly examine your subconscious toxic patternings. We all come into this life carrying ancestral karma and it is easy to replicate those who came before us. Think about your individuality and how you show up in this world relative to, well, your relatives. Mourn whatever needs to be released and step into your powerful warrior self, Aries.




Blue Lace Agate - self-expression

What needs to be said, Taurus? Blue Lace Agate connects spirit with intellect and enhances your ability to to express yourself clearly. Think about the committed partnerships and loyal connections in your circle, and where you have taken steps away from yourself out of fear of judgment or ostracization. Bulls can be sensitive too!

If there is something you need to speak on, take time to align yourself within so you can get clear on your message. Even if you’ve felt silenced in the past, now is the time to share your truth with integrity. Trust yourself and your message, and don’t be afraid to let something go and begin again if necessary.




Peridot - emotional cleansing

What a journey it has been, fellow Twins. Although you are known for your logical, intellectual nature, recent times have thrust you into a deep emotional state which perhaps is outside of your comfort zone. Peridot, a gemstone born in the fires of a volcano, helps purify your mind from non-productive thoughtforms. Instead of playing the blame game or making assumptions about someone else’s actions, focus on yourself and watch your desires magnetize to you.

Recognize where you give away your power or become overly “others-oriented,” Gemini. Your daily routine remains on point when you trust your own inner guidance. If a farewell is called for, know that closed doors eventually lead to a new chapter and an open window. Your gifts are lucrative; protect yourself, move forward, and watch the good fortune pour in. Embracing the purifying aspect of emotional intelligence will only carry you further.




 Turquoise - true riches

Abundance is certainly connected to your inner state. Your Crab shell is so protective, that sometimes your own anxieties end up keeping out what you want to flow in. Turquoise is a copper-based stone which attracts good fortune, protection, and links the earth and the sky. Your Cancerian creativity is paramount at this time, and finding that expression will only open the doors to brilliant success and happiness.

Avoid procrastination, and release any vows you’ve made that no longer serve you. Stay connected with your friends on the journey; their reflection helps you to recognize your worth and step forward in confidence. Draw on your karmic wisdom and past-life skills to drive forward your spiritual evolution. As you continue to take care of yourself, the inner riches will certainly make manifest in your outward reality.




 Flint - portal power

Let me see your root work, Lions. This season is calling you to dive into your profound inner depths. Flint is a shamanic stone that opens portals to the hidden aspects of yourself: it is an ancient soft aquatic organism that hardened into rock over eons of time.

What wisdom can you glean from your ancestral lineage, Leo? What unwelcome visitors from the past must be left firmly behind? Take time to be still, meditate, and negotiate the shamanic underworld for soul retrieval. Cut through any confusion to reach the core of the matter, and you will emerge victorious with a proper foundation upon which to build.




Lapis Lazuli - heavenly wisdom

You yearn for spiritual attunement, but your earth Virgin nature may be held back by outmoded viewpoints. What’s been happening with your siblings, extended family, or the people in your neighborhood? Examine those connections and see what life is speaking to you about yourself. Lapis Lazuli is a royal stone linked to the sun god Ra, and is a perfect tool for enlightenment and higher intuition.

Use your Mercurial wisdom to take charge of your own life by opening your heart and third eye. Looking carefully into the past will help put the present moment into perspective. This time period is calling to activate major shifts in how you think, speak, and write, so continue to study your curriculum of self, Virgo, and you will embody your true, noble purpose.




Malachite - the subconscious mind

Be transformed by the renewing of your mind, Libra. The Scales want to tip in your favor, but unconscious programs or beliefs may be running your life and causing psychosomatic disease. Malachite is especially attuned to Scorpio season energy, so use this time and this stone to bring to light your toxic beliefs for emotional transformation. Everything isn’t always as it seems, and your personal values and self-worth are on the line.

Learn psychic protection and go where angels fear to tread. Your liberation lies just beyond your comfort zone, so feel the fear, but do it anyway. Whether it’s therapy, self-reflection in journaling, or even confiding in a trusted friend, go willingly to the depths. When in doubt, ask: what would someone who loves themselves do?




Labradorite - the mind’s eye

It’s your season, Scorpions. The Sun, Jupiter and Mercury are igniting your sense of self, shining a light on the shadows, and activating your mental process which such intensity. Labradorite is the “illusion-buster;” an iridescent mystical stone which raises your consciousness and strengthens your faith in yourself.

Choose your words impeccably; with such strong planetary concentration in your house of self, your powers of manifestation are near instantaneous. If your love life is feeling unstable, remember that setbacks are temporary, but often precede a reversal of fortune. Energy vampires run rampant especially during this time of year, so protect your aura as the veil is thin, Scorpio. Keep yourself grounded, aim for clear insights, and hold on to your common sense while trusting your intuition.




Soulmate - the twin flame

The Archer aims high, and you should expect nothing less than unconditional, emotionally supportive unions. A Soulmate Crystal occurs when two quartz points grow side-by-side and form one unit at the base. Whether it is a romantic relationship, platonic friendship, a family member, soulmate or a twin flame, expand your mind to recognize the true purpose of meaningful connection.

Think about the important people in your life, Sagittarius. Does your yearning for acceptance come from a place of wholeness, or from trying to fill a perceived void? Get clear on any place where you have been deluding yourself, romantic or not. If a vow needs to be renegotiated or a codependent cord needs to be cut, figure out a way to be like the Soulmate crystal: two entities standing together with each point remaining independent. Love yourself first and integrate all the facets of your crystalline being into wholeness.




Moldavite - metamorphosis


Although you are an earth sign, you may find the environment of this planet heavy and inert. As a child of the stars, working with Moldavite can help with your divine homesickness, dear Capricorn. Moldavite is a particular type of Tektite that was created over 11 million years ago when a giant meteorite crashed into earth near the Moldau river in Bohemia, so its vibes are literally out of this world.

As the Goat, the time has come to detach yourself from mundane issues and actually embody being the Greatest Of All Time. You can avoid sowing seeds of destruction when you release your ingrained beliefs and surrender to the process of transformation. Fear not dramatic and sudden changes; these always accompany a reach beyond your comfort zone. Check in with your soul and enjoy your personal search for the inner grail. Transcend time; good fortune awaits as you continue to create and move toward your wildest hopes and dreams.




Rose Quartz - unconditional love

Do you love what you do? Are you pleased with how you show up in the world? As the Water Bearer, you certainly pour into others in a way that no one else can. Rose Quartz has shown up here for you with a reminder to radiate unconditional love, Aquarius. Your beautiful soul has enormous empathy, even when it isn’t necessarily apparent due to your perceived aloof nature. If there is any heartbreak, toxicity, or abuse in your past, working with Rose Quartz can help dissolve your emotional blockages.

Take responsibility for yourself, but don’t accept blame or the projection of others, especially in the professional realm. Remember that relationships of all kinds are schools for our soul’s growth. Recognize exactly how the forces of love and friendship operate in your life to draw the proper support systems as you continue to move forward in your public standing.




Pink Granite - the lightning bolt

You understand the cycles of birth, death and rebirth, Pisces. You may be the Fish, but you originated in the stars. With you being so otherworldly, it’s imperative for you to stay grounded. The immensely energetic Pink Granite has the highest paramagnetic resonance of all stones; Ancient Egyptians used it to harness the power of sun god Ra. With a focus on your higher mind, mental exploration, and ideas this month, you must integrate the serendipity and synchronicity of life on this earth plane.

Cut yourself loose from power struggles and be assertive to make things happen. When you focus and are aligned, you will consistently find yourself in the right place at the right time. Maintain your power, and don’t forget to see the bigger picture. Be a conductor for positive change.



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