Why You Should Vote for Yourself on Election Day

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Always vote for yourself.

Although it was not Election Day in my home state of Illinois, several states across the country took to the ballot booths yesterday.


As the AstroFLOTUS, descended of an ancient royal bloodline and the actual granddaughter of a Vice President and Parliament members, I have several thoughts about the governmental process.


And with everything, it comes back to the self.


This website, AstroFLOTUS.com, was born on October 26, 2017. Like a true gestation period, the seed was fertilized exactly 38 weeks prior. On February 2, 2017, my sun/moon/rising AstroTwin Colin Bedell of Queer Cosmos and I went to Washington, D.C. with his impeccable Virgo grandmother.

The purpose of our convergence was to descend upon the nation’s capitol to participate in Marianne Williamson’s SisterGiant conference, and we did not come to play.

Colin Char Sister Giant.JPG


“Welcome to the White House,” Colin Tweeted on 2/2: “Love, your Gay President and his Lesbian First Lady.”

He went on to joke about breaking into Capitol Hill to unearth classified birth records of people of note so that we astrologers could have accurate birth times for chart delineations.


There is no cure for Gemini behavior. We do not apologize.


At its essence, SisterGiant is an empowerment conference for the intersection of politics and spirituality - of which there is no separation. I will come back to this thought.


Miz Williamson, Cancerian author and force of nature, had facilitated three SisterGiant events prior, starting in 2010.

The 2017 installation was a quickly organized event catalyzed by the election and inauguration of Donald Trump, President #45.


SisterGiant 2017’s conference lineup was full of politicians, authors, journalists, spiritual teachers, religious leaders, intersectional activists, and thought leaders, including Senator Bernie Sanders, Representative Pramila Jayapal, NAACP president Rev. Dr. William J Barber, former Representative Dennis Kucinich, queer zen Buddhist priest and Sensei Rev. angel Kyodo williams, Black Lives Matter founder Opal Tometi, legal analyst attorney Lisa Bloom, and former MSNBC host Cenk Uygur, founder of The Young Turks- the largest online news show in the world.


The speaker I was most excited to see? Colin Bedell’s lecture on the Astrology of America.



Yeah, he did that.







The Red Pill vs. The Blue Pill


After #45’s election, much of (mostly white) America felt dumped into a tailspin of shock with a side of despair at the political process.


“How did we get here?”

“Damn all you people who didn’t vote or voted third party!”

“How could 53% of white women vote to put the pussy-grabber in office!”

“I can’t even believe this circus show is real!”

lisa bloom sistergiant


Meanwhile, many melanated folk observed the chaos, disturbed of course, but also bemused at the shock and awe antics.

Many of us have known that The System has never been in place to fully support humanity, and knew that Trump would win and get to work destroying the country because that's what he said he would do.


Plus, Hillary is too Scorpionic to put on the front of sheer innocence, and much of her placating to communities of color was too transparent.


At its most stripped-down essence, United States government is primarily a sea of commerce which is primarily about business and transactions for the United States of America Corporation, of which the President is CEO and perception management specialist.


A U.S. citizen is a member who opts in to the club via birth certificate and social security trust numbers, and Individuals (which can be people, corporations, or trusts) receive the benefits [and/or detriments] that come along with membership.


It’s that simple; no judgment.


“Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery; none but ourselves can free our minds.” -Bob Marley


This three-dimensional world is meant to be decoded, however. Everything exists in the mind, and so our perceptions and beliefs about any one thing are what inform how that thing shows up in our lives.


There are a few ways to look at it.


Chattel Mindset: The government is a politricks labyrinth. There is no justice to be found anywhere, and all politicians are all in it for themselves. Uncle Sam is only here to keep you on the hamster wheel of working to exist with relief only coming after age 65. Get off the grid and escape it however you can; refuse to comply and the system will collapse!


Mastery Mindset: The government is a system. For every closed door there is a loophole, For every transaction that can be done as a public citizen, an equal and lawful transaction can be done as a private master of your own affairs. Stay in alignment, let your voice be heard, handle your business, and you can make this system work for you!


As a solar Gemini, I inherently know how more than one thing can be true at once. Reality is subjective, so both of the above paragraphs are true at the same time; depending on what you choose to believe.


Here’s another example.

Truth: Race has no biological standing and is a false social construct. White supremacy is an illusion. Pale-skinned people are not inherently better than heavily melanated huemans.

Also Truth: The societal implications and subconscious subscriptions to the idea of white supremacy and racism have real-life ramifications for actual living people on this planet.



We have to understand that everything is an illusion, but that illusion is real to us while we are in these bodies, and that we are all here playing out the game of ONE consciousness experiencing itself by virtue of 7 billion unique expressions which may never come to one accord while on this plane...and we don’t have to.


So living on this planet and being upset that there are entities designed to limit our freedoms by creating artificial borders between countries for the sake of commerce and security is forgetting your role in the game of life as an undifferentiated aspect of that Source energy.


Let’s Get Real


What good is it to be a Spiritual Hotep Kemetic Master of Consciousness Revolution Guru who builds copper pyramids and meditates in sarcophaguses, understands the transhumanist Reptilian Agenda, human cloning, and Hermetic codes of the Emerald Tablets of Thoth, and makes clouds disappear by looking at them while astral projecting out to Jupiter each night...when you can’t even use that knowledge to manifest personal growth or transportation to take yourself down the street?


Spiritual knowledge is useless without the practical application of how to live your best life on this earth realm. It is NOT inspiring to watch someone run off to Costa Rica to "live off the land" and talk about their sovereignty and kingsmanship when they can’t even get their shit together enough to avoid deportation because they didn’t abide by another country’s laws and simply get the damn visa at customs.


Yes, we have higher consciousness and are connected to higher realms.

Yes, we are so much more than our tracking numbers and energy and labor.

Yes, we should be able to live freely off the earth and come and go as we please.

And yes, the Matrix can be a trap.

But only if you operate at the level of mental slavery. Have you forgotten who you are?


“If we were made in his image then call us by our names.” -Erykah Badu


We live in bodies, and by virtue of coming to this planet, we have to operate in 3D. We have several chakras - some that ground us to the center of the earth and others that connect us to our higher mind. The planets are external manifestations of our psychic function within.


If we only focus on the stars, operate from the Third Eye and Crown Chakra, and stay in a state of meditative bliss all day, we could be cool, but only a few people on this planet are cut out to sit under a tree all day and live off of air and sunlight. Others of us have great callings to use our inherent divine supremacy to influence this world and be of service to others while we are in the flesh.



Saturn and Authority

Some of Saturn's keywords include responsibility, structure, authority, ambition, practicality, law & order, duty, restriction, status, and control. If there’s one thing I’ve fittingly seen during my Saturn Return, it is that of the function and potential value in local government and law enforcement.

From requesting a court order of protection, to attending traffic court, to asking suburban police departments for extra assistance, to spending days at the Daley Center downtown starting divorce proceedings, to appealing to a judge to reduce court fees, and even getting a front seat ride from a gentlemanly cop in a Chicago PD squad car from the House of Blues to the parking garage where my car was parked after a Hanson concert (what did I tell you about Gemini behavior)... I have become intimately acquainted with a wide spectrum of the function of law enforcement over the last two years.


And what I will say is this: for the most part, it really isn’t anything personal; just business.


Most of the times my interactions all simply pertained to having the money to get Uncle Sam off my back. I have encountered one racist pig, but every other time, me sharing my sincere vulnerability and honesty and asking them for help resulted in support in untold ways and a renewed faith in the humanity of the people who hold these jobs. Public servants are supposed to work for the people, and in many ways, I have experienced that.

Respectability politics is bullshit, yes, but at the same time I will argue that a lot of my experiences with law enforcement also had something to do with how I show up in the world.


Again, anything you can do as a public citizen (chattel) can also be done as a private individual (master). For example, when I went to the Evanston Police Department for assistance with my court order of protection case, when the police front desk dispatcher ran background checks he could see that my vehicles, assets and cell phone lines are owned by my Trust organization instead of an individual name. That sends a subtle signal that I treat my life like the business it is (remember we’re floating in a sea of commerce) and at least have some shred of organization. [p.s. If you have any questions about Trusts, feel free to email me.]


To be sure-- privilege, upright standing and a clean appearance isn't always going to save someone. Police arrested Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. at his own front door in his Cambridge, Massachusetts gated community because someone thought he was a burglar instead of the proficient African American scholar he is. Of course, racial biases are resulting in death and destruction for people are communities. And every time I’m in a civil court arena, why is it that a disproportionate number of attendees are people of color?


Because the subconscious subscription to the illusion of white supremacy (as a leading force of the dynamic of this country) has very real implications.


The actionable Intersection of Politics and Spirituality

All that aside, it behooves us each to live in alignment with our own power as much as we can...and vote for ourselves.


What does that look like?


As I mentioned earlier, SisterGiant is a conference and resource dedicated to the intersection of politics and spirituality.


Whereas Marianne Williamson is a thought leader, author, and lecturer on the spiritual freedom promised in A Course in Miracles, she wasn’t holding the conference to meditate away the problems of the commander-in-cheeto. She created a huge platform of a wealth of resources for everyone to figure out where they fit in in order to take direct action.


Although it has its appeal, we don’t all have to run for Congress or Alderman to make change in our communities.


Yes we can:

  • Speak life over others by sharing a message of empowerment
  • Create independent journalism and media such as The Young Turks
  • Take action in the various organizations doing groundwork for melanated lives
  • Stand with the Indigenous Water Protectors as they continue in the centuries-long battle for basic human rights
  • Create platforms for the queer spectrum in a heteronormative industry 
  • Become involved with organizations that support immigrants and their legal representation
  • Advocate for women in domestic violence situations
  • Remind people of the God-force energy within them in our Sunday sermons
  • Create a database of senators and representatives so that people know who to call and when
  • Vote for people who look like us and/or represent anything other than the toxic cis straight European-descended male patriarchy
  • Empower others with knowledge of self through astrology (which is what Colin so skillfully did in his SisterGiant presentation, and how my vision for AstroFLOTUS.com was born) 


There is always something you can do. And the SisterGiant website has a huge list of resources of organizations and ways you can get involved.

 Why yes, that is your First Lady of Astrology with the prayer hands on the SisterGiant Facebook page banner ;)

Why yes, that is your First Lady of Astrology with the prayer hands on the SisterGiant Facebook page banner ;)



Vote for Yourself


So that brings us to the question and process of voting. To participate or not to participate?


It is simple. Again, reality is subjective, and you should vote for yourSELF by doing that which feels most impactful to you.


If the 2016 Presidential Election has shown us anything, it is that at the level of the Presidency, the illusion of choice is a strange game of smoke and mirrors. Hillary Clinton won the Popular Vote; Donald Trump won the Electoral College and he’s President. And now there's murky information floating around concerning the Clinton campaign and the DNC nomination, but at this moment, that's neither here nor there.


The Presidency has clearly demonstrated itself to be a racket. A racket with real implications for real human bodies, but a reality sideshow at the same time.

The nature of this particular era of existence is built upon a host of injustices and has been thriving on energetic warfare and keeping certain things in place.


The most effective actions and solutions are going to occur on the micro levels, not the macro. The real differences occur in our day-to-day existences and interactions.


So local elections are a whole ‘nother thing.


Judges, whether they are limited jurisdiction, circuit, supreme, or appellate courts, are given their positions via partisan elections and serve anywhere from three- to 10-year terms. We have governors, secretaries of state, attorneys general, comptrollers, treasurers, aldermen, and so much more.


As I mentioned above, I’ve been fortunate to encounter several judges over the last two years who treated me with respect and ultimately gave me exactly what I desired. Whether it was granting me the order of protection when I presented proper evidence, approving my application to reduce my divorce court fees, or simply dismissing tickets from a BS traffic stop before I even had to say a word, the judges you stand before certainly can make a difference in your day-to-day life, perhaps even quicker than #45 can sign another ridiculous executive order.


So by voting in local elections, you are making your voice heard in your direct sphere of influence and exercising a right that was hard-earned if you’re not a straight white male.


At the same time, it is completely understandable to recognize why people opt out of the system. Some people choose to make a difference in their worlds by being of service to their communities and doing great work that will leave a legacy. Rather than putting their energy toward someone who may just make false promises, they focus on what they can control: themselves.


SisterGiant standup

There is corruption on every level of human existence, because we are all people and both the light and dark exist in each of us. The more we can integrate the facets of ourselves, the more aligned we become with how we want to show up in the world.


There is no one right or wrong way to do it, as long as you do something.


And that action, whether it’s voting in a ballot box, with your dollars at a black-owned business, or by investing in yourself and your family’s legacy, is right if YOU feel it is right.


By and large, the results of yesterday's election supported a lot of candidates who have been marginalized, and that should be encouraging. 

 Right on.

Right on.


You’ve Got the Right to Choose

What I always say is that world peace is impossible, but what is attainable is inner peace.


Major change doesn't necessarily come in the form of a mass uprising, global revolution, governmental overhaul, relinquishing of the status quo by fiat bankers, or anything of the sort.


Anything projected on a screen on any kind of grand scale is mostly something to keep us mesmerized until the next big thing comes around to manipulate our emotions and get us "tie up," as the Trinis say.


What we *can* do is zoom in; examine our priorities on the smaller scale.

What does it mean to be successful?

How does one measure quality of life?

Do "negative" circumstances that exist in widespread theory and online discussion actually apply to our lives in practice?

How do you define freedom?


All of us could give different answers to those questions and simultaneously be correct, subjectively speaking.


If we're gonna wait and hope for a worldwide revolution or the President to be impeached, we better not be holding our breath. Too much is invested and built upon keeping things the way they are.


In truth, other than LOVE, we don't need *everyone* on the planet to be on board with any one thing in order to effect definite change in our direct realities.


Colin Char SisterGiant 2.JPG

But when we know who we are as infinite, limitless, sovereign beings, recognize holographic inserts and emotional manipulation for what they are, and choose to operate outside of that public opinion paradigm and create our own existences/experiences/notions of freedom and fulfillment, then we will see a difference in our immediate worlds--which is all that actually matters.


Decolonize your mind. Vote for yourself.

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