The 2018 Women's Womb Healing Summit

 the countdown is on!

the countdown is on!

The 2018 Women's Womb Healing Summit


Ladies, how y’all feeling?


Many women suffer from heavy periods, bad PMS, hormone imbalances, stress, anxiety, mood swings, pain from surgeries, scar tissue, c-sections, laparoscopy, appendectomy or feel like a trauma from the past is still trapped in your womb.


Have you ever said anything like:


“Man, if only my cramps weren’t crippling so many days a month.”
“I am so tired of feeling like my body is against me.”
“I have so much I want to contribute but I am so tired.”
“If I could let go of what happened to me in the past I could…


The answer you seek is free and may only require an hour of your time!

I created The Yoni Egg Shadow Integration Workbook: your 28-day Guide through the Womb Wellness Journey because doing our own individual self-understanding and shadow work is CRUCIAL for addressing and clearing the energetic trauma which we carry in our womb centers.

My personal healing work has mostly been the emotional arena, rather than for physical pain. Regardless of where you’re at, we know that energetic issues precede physical symptoms of dis-ease, and many of the doctors, experts, authors, a teachers presenting at the Women's Womb Healing Summit have techniques to address and heal your physical pain once and for all!


Whatever your challenge, I’m excited to share an event called the Women’s Womb Healing Summit, hosted by my friend, Kole Whitty.


Kole’s mission is to provide resources for women to live pain free. From her own experience, she knows that when you are in pain, it gets in the way of connecting to the people you love and the life you dream of living.


I will be presenting on my forte - decolonizing the mind through the yoni egg / shadow integration practice and process. I’ll be sharing actionable strategies based on my curriculum.


The Women’s Womb Healing Summit features 20+ experts, authors and doctors teaching nearly 20 hours of content.


Admission to the Heal Your Womb summit is absolutely FREE during the live broadcast.


If you would like to purchase the summit, in addition to the video courses you will receive downloadable mp3s and eBooks from ALL of us teachers, so you can go at your own pace.


The Women’s Womb Healing Summit is happening Friday April 20th-22nd starting at 11 am Central time.



Here are just a few highlights of what the experts will be teaching:


  • Cervical Self-Exams - Discover your body by taking time to look at your vulva, vagina, and cervix is important for your well being on many levels - emotional, mental, spiritual.
  • Breaking Up With Birth Control: Fertility Tracking and Charting
  • How To Maintain Balance: Learn to manage time and energy with the demands of work, kids, and the rest of your life
  • Being Your Health Care Advocate: Know Your Healthcare Rights And Your Healthcare Resources
  • Embracing Your Feminine Flow: How to sync your cycle to your life and work with each phase of the menstrual cycle and get rid of PMS for good
  • Speaking Your Own Body’s Language: Understanding the unique language your body speaks and what messages it is trying to send you
  • Changing Your Inconvenient Menstrual Product: Enhance your quality of life during menstruation
  • Attention and Energy: Loving Boundaries and Self Care: some sets of power pairs
  • Decolonize Your Mind: How Unexamined Patriarchal Beliefs have Undermined our Power
  • How Your Self-Image and Body History Affects Patterns of Pain, Tension and Movement Restriction
  • Healing Anxiety With Kundalini Meditation: How anxiety manifests in our bodies, our minds, how it actually helps us to bring us into awareness that we are not where we want to be, how meditation helps us, how a meditation practice is important
  • Vocal Transformation: Using your voice to heal and release your Creative Womb

That is just a small sample of some of the incredible knowledge you will receive in this FREE three-day Womb Healing Summit.


If you are concerned about blocking off three full days, don’t worry! The summit is available for purchase in case you can’t make it live, or need to watch it on your own time.


Women have been disconnected and in pain for too long. Now is the time to do the healing work our bodies are calling for.


Follow my link below to sign up for free access and join us!